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Trust, Hope and Faith – [9 - Martis-XLV]

Humanity and the Loss of Trust, Hope and Faith These: trust, hope and faith are the last three values that we should not lose.
These three things are the three qualities that humanity is rapidly losing. Materialism is essentially the one to blame for this.
When humanity, one by one, loses these three qualities, the collapse of humanity is close. If humanity were to keep these values, humanity would keep active a kind of spirituality that would stop much degenerative processes from gathering momentum and taking grave effect.
Action Action is psychology in action. All our actions come from our psychology. Even an angry, violent act reveals a certain psychology behind that action.
Often the psychology of anger is based on the premise that force is respected and that force used destructively against another pays by defending ourselves and getting results.

Connection to Superior Forces It is so important to establish a connection to superior forces. This connection is important even fo…

Overview of the Three Mountains Part 4 of 4 – [8 - Saturni-XLIV]

Second mountain There are three stages in the second mountain, which is also called the mountain of death.
They are: 9 Labours of HerculesPurgatory8 years of Job.

Labours of Hercules
The most important labour is the first. It is the Intimate Christ, whom Hercules is another name for, is the one who performs the nine labours.
There are the two rivers of Eunoe and Lethe in the second mountain where we must erase the memory of the ego.
The strongest part of our memory is the karmic memory where we remember all of our difficulties, obstacles, sufferings etc. This memory strengthens the egos of fear, anxiety, worry etc.
Years of Job The last few years of Job: 4,5,6 and 7 are the ones that are most important as that is where we pay most of our karma.
The light is extracted from the darkness of the ego! This work still occurs in the last four and three years of Job.
In the fifth year is where we free our will from the karma and from the ego!
In the eighth year of Job is where the Being…

Overview of the Three Mountains Part 3 of 4 – [7 - Saturni-XLIV]

Initiations of Light These are the initiations for the Christ. The son must be initiated. The Father, Atman does not need initiation.
The Venustic initiations prepare the bodies for the incarnation of the Christ. There are seven initiations corresponding to the seven bodies and then one, an eighth-initiation for the Christ Himself. The intimate Christ is born before He is incarnated.
When we see the Divine Mother pregnant, it can take like 9 years for him, the Intimate Christ to be incarnated.
There is a common experience where we are given the Christ to hold and if we can hold the child we are ready for its incarnation.

3 Steps of the Christ’s Descent The Intimate Christ takes three steps in descending. One from the Absolute to Chokmah, another from Chokmah to Tiphereth and then one from Tiphereth to the physical.
Once the intimate Christ has been incarnated that is a guarantee that one's Monad really wishes for the self-realisation – one will then not unexpectedly be disincar…

The Awakening of Consciousness – [6 - Martis-XLV]

Introduction There is more merit in fighting the ego when it is present in the human machine.
We basically keep wrong behaviour because we don't see it as wrong.
When we catch ourselves justifying our behaviour - have a second check to see if we are really right.
Awakening Main Points The main point of awakening is to have our consciousness separated from the subconscious.
There is no other solution to start awakening but by separating from the subconscious.
Don't project our fantasies of our subconscious onto reality.
See end result of our psychological processes and actions.
Have our point of reference in the path, the work and the Bering.

Point of Reference If a Gnostic person has their point of reference in life, the personality and the mind, that Gnostic person will never ever wakeup!
Even if the esoteric reality is the primordial one we start awakening by working the psychological reality first as well as the physical.
Our three greatest masters are: life, nature …

Overview of the Three Mountains Part 2 of 4 – [5 - Saturni-XLIV]

Major Path The fires of the kundalini ascend in accordance with the merits of the heart.
The major path progresses 60% with death and 40% with the Alchemical work.
The key to whiten the waters in the is the practice of Alchemy combined with the practice of self- remembering. Using this key helps us progress on the path.
With each initiation one is only being initiated into the mysteries. The mysteries are yet to be developed and perfected.
The first mountain is a preparation for the second mountain, where the bulk of the work is done.
The first mountain is the mountain of definition. It is where we define the ray, gospel, role and mission of our Being.
The first mountain is also when we become defined for our Being and this process culminates in the fifth major initiation.
In the fifth initiation of the first mountain we come face to face and must overcome:
1.)The P.P.P (Principal Psychological Profile 2.)causal egos 3.)The Anti -Christ 4.)The Guardian of the Threshold of the Causal W…

Overview of the Three Mountains Part 1 of 4 – [4 - Saturni-XLIV]

The Secret Key Written into the Book: "The Three Mountains'' Master Samael told m.m.m (my marvellous missionary) physically in Mexico that the secret key written into the book of the “Three Mountains” is the constant negotiation with the Divine Law of Karma.
We must negotiate constantly with the law so that we can advance to the next stage. Master Samael told him that many people had not discovered this key.
Self-Realisation The self-realisation is the complete integration of the Being and Its diverse parts. The Monad must be integrated as a whole, complete, integral unit to enter the Absolute.
The Monad that does not integrate its essence does not get the self-realization, This integration starts with psychological integration, which is the fabrication of the soul and that process starts with the essence and transforms to seminal pearl then to golden embryo and finally to soul.
Monad There are two parameters that influence a Monad's realisation.
They are the ray o…

Notes on Unity and Paying Karma – [3 -Mercurii-XLIV]

Cosmic Perspective From the cosmic perspective, the main way of paying all of our karma is achieving unity.
Gnosis Unity is the main goal of Gnosis. Gnosis strives to unite the essence to the Being. Furthermore, this unity has two legs.
The first leg is psychological unity, which begins with the development of the seminal pearl and the golden embryo.

The second leg of unity is an esoteric unity where all the parts of the Being unite into one super atom. The Intimate Christ, Master Samael says, performs this great feat at the end of the great Work.
The Psychological is the More Difficult of the Two Nonetheless, even in the years of Job, close to the end of the work the psychological work continues more intensely than ever at the beginning of the work.
The most difficult part of this unity, is the psychological unity. It is easier to be born than to die! The psychological work is very delicate and sensitive. One little error and the egos resuscitate. One makes a mistake, the solar …

States of Consciousness – [2 - Veneris-XLIV]

States of Consciousness and Our Life The person who knows how to deal with their diverse states of consciousness controls life.

Our state of consciousness is what we are, and what we do.

Our state of consciousness dictates our life and its outcomes.

The state of consciousness is always the cause, and our life is the effect. Our life is how we respond to life's events, and our response is determined by our state of consciousness.

Imagine that we can change our state of consciousness at will. Imagine that we can make use of certain skills, powers, faculties, the knowledge and understanding of certain principles to do this.

This would mean that we would be able to avoid suffering.

We actually create the circumstances for the problems that we have to arise in our life. Our circumstances are always determined by our state of consciousness.

We make our life what we decide it to be.

A Process Behind Setting Up Our States of Consciousness The process given below contributes to forming …

Subconscious, Will, Responsibility and Yearning - (1-Martis-XLIV)

Thoughts Come from the Subconscious There are three stages to do with the awareness of thought.
The first stage is when we are asleep, a parade of thoughts stream out of our subconscious and we are not fully aware of them.
The second stage is when we are aware and our consciousness is like a spotlight that allows us to see each thought as it parades past the light.
The final stage is when our awakened consciousness rises up to occupy the centre of the mind, emitting light in every direction, allowing us to see all of the thoughts, above, below, left and right. We need self-remembering to strengthen the presence of the consciousness. We must also use self-remembering to bring our Being to us, so that it is our Being that can take the impressions, and consequently deal with them, avoiding that our egos take the impressions and cause us to make mistakes.
When Our Will is Comprised When we do not feel ok, our will has been compromised. It is in TE our subconscious. Will is what deter…