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Awakening to Cause and Effect – [31 – Mercurii-IV]

Importance of Cause and Effect to Awakening We cannot be awakening without knowledge of how cause and effect works within us.

Three Steps There are three steps:
1.) Be aware of cause and effect. 2.) Reconcile duality within us. 3.) Reconcile karma within us.
Reconcile Karma Within Ourselves To reconcile karma within us is to live in peace with karma, which is to live in peace with reality. We must also reconcile our consciousness with reality. When we reconcile reality and consciousness there is no place for fantasy.
We reconcile ourselves with karma when we accept our karma and willingly strive to pay it.
In Shock What happens to human beings when they go into shock from a traumatic event, is that the impressions from the event enter our subconscious so abruptly that all the egos get hit so violently that they rebel with such force leaving the person totally confused, overwhelmed, incapacitates and disorientated.
People who are awakening can create a buffer within themselves so …

Five Points for Awakening Expanded – [30 – Martis-IV]

Expanding on the Five Points 1.) Everything inside of ourselves does not belong to us. 2.) Separate our consciousness from the subconscious. 3.) Focus the consciousness. 4.) Give everything the right proportion. 5.) Connect Consciousness to reality. 6.) Epigenesis
Separation The human being has a great lack of the ability to relate to reality.
There are three realities: a physical body, a psychology and a spirit. The materialistic person only sees the body and the physical reality., and ignores the other two.
The spiritual people ignore the physical and focus on the spiritual reality. They then ignore the first two realities.
The Gnostic or balanced person sees all three realities. That of body, psychology and Being.
If we observe ourselves we will see that we have so many contradictory thoughts and feelings.
Which thought is us then? We may think that we are the good thoughts but what about the negative thoughts when they enunciated with the same voice, the mind as the positive t…

Will and the Law – [29 – Veneris-III]

Cosmic Scale and Individual Scale We all have a scale within as and it is linked to the great cosmic scale. When we unbalance our own scale we affect the cosmic scale. 
How can we reconcile ourselves with our own scale?
Any suffering that we feel from what another person has done to us, is because of our own selves. All that happens to us is caused by ourselves.
The above point is critical to understand how cause and effect works within us and how we can reconcile with cause and effect within us.
Reconciling the Scale We are responsible for everything that happens to us!
We create our own circumstances and we are responsible for all that happens to us.
Why do we help those who have committed a crime when we are not responsible for it?
We are our own help line to get ourselves out of the mud. The help of the law is to give those who want to get out of the mud the keys to do it, but not to come and take us out of the mud.
We must reconcile ourselves with the Law. The first step to rec…

Epigenesis – [28 – Mercurii-III]

Three Classes of Acts There are three classes of acts. One is due to recurrence, another due to accidents and the third due to conscious will – epigenesis.
Epigenesis is a series of causes and effects that have not been preconditioned.
There is the anecdote where Master Samael gives account of a certain abbot of a monastery being able to control the physical elements to produce the conditions of a beautiful spring day in the monastery courtyard right in the middle of a harsh North European winter.
Three Types of Circumstances There are three types of circumstances. Those that we can not change, those that we can and those that we can generate.
The will inside pride is very strong and wishes to change circumstances. It has much to do with scale. Pride wishes to always tip the scale in the favour of our personal interests and conveniences.
For the circumstances that we can't change we must co-operate with them.

Epigenesis and Awakening We can not modify time or the event but we can…

Awakening, Consciousness and the Karma – [27 – Martis-III]

Awakening One Awakening is about not just perceiving things, or seeing things it is much more than that.
Awakening produces a state of consciousness and it works in two dimensions: quality and quantity.
One main aspect of awakening is the bi polarisation of attention or the division of attention.
The Obstacle of Thinking As soon as one thinks one gets into trouble. The worst enemy of awakening is thinking.
Awakening Two We can even divide our attention in the astral plane, providing that we first train our mind to do it here physically. This training is really difficult but it must be done and it can take our whole lifetime.
Awakening is about expanding your consciousness.
Awakening functions in quality and quantity.

50% Awakening and 50% Death We need to focus 50% of our attention on dying, i.e. creating more consciousness and 50% of our attention on expanding what we already have.
The more death you have, the more life of the essence you have and the more life of the essence you…

Self-Compassion & Depression: Trust as their Remedy – [26 – Mercurii-II]

Introduction Self-compassion comes from pride, from the lack of responsibility and the lack of perception of our consciousness.
Our consciousness understands the sleeping consciousness. Which is the same as understanding ourselves.
When the essence fully captures the deep meaning of an ego, all the parts of the Being then capture the deep meaning of that ego, then the whole Monad is free from that ego. The Being has then learnt the lesson.
In the years of Job instead of finding relief from the ego, one finds worse and worse egos. This is because one is deeper within oneself.
The more essence there is free, the more the ego can be understood.
Self-Compassion, Depression Paralyse Will Self-compassion and depression paralyses the emotional centre, due to a lack of will.
This is because of the causal factor in pride. In the positive side of pride it expands the will. In the negative side of pride, depression withdraws and annuls the to zero to suicide. It is an exact example of pure dual…

Live the Moment and Epigenesis – [25 – Martis-II]

Live the Moment To be in the moment can be seen from several different angles. What is important, is the outcome.
To live the moment is to related physically and psychologically with what we are doing in the moment. It is to not be taken by any psychological process that would interfere with what we are doing.

Key of the Three Brains The first point to achieve this is to bring the moment into the three brains.
Do not get distracted by anything. The fundamental point is the three brains. The key is to maintained them aligned with the moment.
Participation, communion and integration. If we are eating, eat. To bring the three brains is the key. 
The three realities, the three brains must enter into the moment for us to fully live and be in the moment.
When we align the three brains we also align and bring our bodies into the moment.
The reason why we can not influence or change events is because our causal body is absent.
This could also be why our practices are not very fruitful.

Funeral Flowers – [24 – Martis-I]

Why are there Flowers at a Funeral? Because people are asleep they do not realise that flowers are present at funerals to indicate that with death is born all the virtues, values, faculties and powers of the Being within a person.

The flowers are symbolic of the virtues and values of the Being, which only bloom with death.
Flowers have been present at funerals from time immemorial indicating this truth that is as old as creation; that with death comes the new and with death all is returned, given and rewarded
End (24 - Martis-I)

Circumstances – [23 – Martis-I]

Circumstances in the Life of a Gnostic There are three sets of circumstances for a Gnostic.
They are circumstances of:
1.) Life 2.) the path 3.) the Being.
The circumstances of the path can be mixed with some karma, though the circumstances of life are mostly karmic or dharmic.

Modification of Circumstances Regarding the modification of circumstances there are three types of circumstances which are:
1.) Circumstances that we can’t change. 2.) Circumstances that we can change. 3.) Circumstances that we can generate.
End (23 - Martis-I)

Activating the Consciousness and Reciprocity – [22 – Veneris-LII]

Hypnosis Focus our light onto a point in the parade of egos moving through our mind.
The above scenario is the first stage.
The second stage is where we stop the parade, and we become aware of each thought and thinker in the parade.
The third stage is where there is no parade, and the spotlight turns into a floodlight that illuminates a great area.
In the second stage we identify and understand all that comes to our mind.
The more we do this the greater the capacity of separation that we generate. Also we will slowly give ourselves the ability to generate different states of consciousness.

Transfer Our Psychological Processes the Being Transfer the ownership of our mind and feelings to our Being.
We need to practice this, transferring ownership of our intellectual centre to our Being.
Our consciousness has divine powers and is the only thing that can transform us. That is why we need to activate it and give it opportunities to act. It is also the element of connection between us …

Pride, Trust and the Stigmata – [21 – Martis-LII]

Pride Dislike and rejection are part of distrust.
Not accepting is also part of distrust.
Four stages of trust: 1.) A trust that comes and goes. 2.) A trust that things will work out ok. 3.) A trust that comforts whatever the outcome, good or bad. 4.) A trust that is integration and unity with the Being.
When we chose-wisely we can trust.
Distrust is the same as fear. We have to start here to trust. Trust our Being here in the physical world first of all.
When we trust in the work, we also trust in the Being which is to trust in the will of God.
Trusting in the will of the Being through doing the work is the key!
Trust is to be active mi the work!
There are countless ways of trusting.
Trust People trust in life.
Trust the outcome of the work! We are going to trust our own work.
Everyday, that we are alive is a proof of the trust that our monad has in us! We need to know that our Monad has in us His greatest investment, He has put all His trust in us!
Even the Law has trust in …