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Will and Trust – [58 – Veneris-XI]

Ascend the will to practice to your causal dimension and make the will descend from there.
Trust and will can produce epigenesis. Trust and will belong to Tiphereth.
Will in love would be what causes an outcome related to love.

Fantasy sabotages will and trust. When a fantasy fails we lose trust in ourselves and we lack will to pursue anything further.
We are lucky when the will of our Being is our destiny. What we do is to make steps to make our destiny the will of Atman.
End (58 - Veneris-XI)

Unrealistic Mind and Trust – [57 – Mercurii-XI]

Unrealistic Mind The mind that is not realistic opens itself up to infinite possibility.
An unrealistic mind is the "what if'' mind. In such a mind open to the unrealistic, fantasy takes over. Fear is an ego that puts the mind into states of generating possibilities.
To be realistic is to begin to curtail fantasy.
To line from moment to moment is to be in reality and one must grasp firmly onto reality. Especially when faced with the events of life.
We must work intensely on our karmic memory and the other memories. When we have karma, we in our mind fight without possibility. When we have karma we think in relation to impossibility. When we don't have karma we think in relation to possibility.
The key of awakening is separation. Another very important key is trust. We are all doing the work and this is the issue.
Sometimes, actually more often than not, it is better to trust the work more than the Being. Only trust, based on facts and results is the trust that helps …

Attention, Organization, Relaxation and Silence – [56 – Martis-XI]

Successful Practice For a practice to be successful we need to integrate will, mind and emotion from below. Then bring that unification into the consciousness.
To believe is to will. The will is the impelling factor. Will is the longing, the yearning and the desire to work towards a result.
Concentration is to centre one's attention in the objective!
Will Attention and organization is what we always need. This takes one above being pendular and circumstantial.
A result is the combination of will, mind and emotion.
The will causes the result to happen. It is trust, conviction and determination.
Will creates. Will sustains. Will is cohesion, it unifies and it is like a magnet. Will amalgamates.
Tiphereth is will. Our practices should be organized around our will. Will is organization, order and also control. Will is very related to music, to sexual energy, and to creation.
In our will there is trust also!
We don't use our well because we don't trust in something. When you …

Miscellaneous Notes – [55 – Sol-IX]

Credit from the Law We are given credit to move from one stage to the next stage.
If we are going to go to the superior reason, then we can ask the Divine Law to apply the principle that a superior law washes away an inferior law. We have to be seen that we are going to fulfil the superior law.
Importance of Our Work to Others We are a link in the work of a group and in a marriage. If our work falters perhaps the unit that we are a part of can collapse. Our work should not be circumstantial, pendular and emotional.
To work with the masters of mercury our mind must be precise, clear and concise.
The masters can open our superior intellectual and emotional centres. Our work also opens them. Also it is our Being that can open our interior mind.
Attention, Emotion, Mind and Will Attention, emotion, mind and will. We use the mind to organize and the will glues all of these aspects together. Energy and consciousness are life!
Every desire, which is will, creates. The awakened consciousness …

Trust – [54 – Saturni-IX]

TRUST There are four stages of trust.
Mostly our cosmic capital is expressed in physical money and in spiritual merit.
If we are given to matter we receive our cosmic capital in money only.
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th The first type of trust is corruptible and it is what can be given and taken. If you do good by me, I trust you. If you do me ill, I distrust you.
Trust is a cosmic value which comes from the Monad.
The second type of trust is the trust in the esoteric and spiritual. It however depends on the outcome. It is where we trust that the masters will help us, heal us, protect us and guide us.
The third type of trust does not depend on any outcome. One just goes and jumps, no matter what happens we still trust, whatever the result.
The fourth type of trust is the integration with the Being. The key of this type of trust is reciprocity. The secret of reciprocity is balance.
For every atom of trust that we send up to the Being, the Being returns that trust to us.
If we have given ligh…

Payment of Karma – [53 – Saturni-IX]

Karma If the person has the time, the means, and the work, then the karma be lightened up to allow the person to go ahead and work to pay their karma.
If we are lacking in time or the means, the situation becomes very difficult. Time, work and the means are fundamental in dealing with karma.
Our work is a race against time.

Expression of the Being and Karma We express the Being through the work, then the path, then through the Being directly.
Conditioned will is desire! The will descends from Tiphereth and is dressed with mind, emotion, word and action.
The will gets vested with the mind, that is, the logic, reasoning and justification of the mind. To do the opposite of the will of the ego stops the ego at its origin. Which opens up the way for the Being to flow through us.
The Being is really Atman-Buddhi.
Our karma resides in Tiphereth. When our causal egos are eliminated our karma is practically gone.
So, if we divert our will to the Being by virtue of the Being, we are self-r…

Values, Katancy and Definition – [52 – Saturni-IX]

Values of the Inner Being Every value of our inner Being splits into two sides which are: ego and essence.
Sacrifice is the conscious choice of a good superior to another. When we consciously chose the essence side of the value we have made a sacrifice. We have sacrificed the egoic polarisation to the Being essence polarisation of the value.
Katanacy is for those who did or are doing the path. Yet master Samael said that all human beings have Katancy. But not all human beings are doing the path.
The awakening of consciousness always needs a point of reference. All human beings have Katancy because the Being at some point was irresponsible and fell.
In the essence is the cognition of the Being. The more essence there is the more knowledge there is. This understanding that we have implies light, guidance and strength in life and in the path.

Definition Definition is something from moment to moment where we then call death our only hope.
Death is what gives us the only solution. Separat…

Resistance and Awakening – [51 – Saturni-IX]

Resistance, Conflict, Opposition and Friction Pride is the only entity that defies the Gods.
All the tyrants and-rulers possess these four characteristics of resistance, conflict, opposition and friction.
We have resistance to the ideas and concepts of others. This resistance then creates conflict.
Resistance and the Inner Scale We have resistance because we see that accepting that concept would upset our inner scale or balance.
Say, we are catholic for example to accept a Gnostic concept would be to upset our inner balance.
Resistance is about the control of our inner scale.
Co-Operation as the Solution The solution is co-operation. All the tyrants and dictators do not accept opposition!
Co-operation brings balance, and balance is achieved in unity.
The group of a missionary gives the missionary his or her realisation. Humanity for the Intimate Christ of a person is the group of people that surrounds the person.

The initiation of Judas is about the ugliest side of human psychology. …

Subconscious Notes (New!) – [50 – Saturni-IX]

Subconscious The mind that is not realistic is open to infinite possibilities.
Subconscious is possibility and memory.
Subconscious is not reality, it is outside of reality.
Subconscious and Fantasy Fantasy is the subconscious projected onto reality.
We believe more in the impossible becoming possible than the possible becoming possible.
Karmic thinking is in the small details and governs humanity totally.

There are positive desires from the subconscious and we have fantasy from that because our pride does not want to accept reality, our own reality of what we are and have.
The possibility of reality is fantasy.
We can make the subconscious conscious through knowing and understanding.
We have to know that what appears from on subconscious is not real.
Subconscious and the Known The subconscious is always the known. It is does not encompass the unknown.
When we lose our attention and begin to think we start dreaming. Fantasy is anything that is not happening in my environment right n…

Comprehension, Separation and Mystical Death – [49 – Mercurii-IX]

Comprehension Produces Definition for the Being There are two parts that we have to work with: comprehension and elimination.
We will arrive at the awakening when we have only one hope, and that one hope is death.
When we feel like all we want is to get the freedom of our essence by dying we will get the realization.
Every ego is a malfunction and a misuse of a function of the Being. Lust is simply the misunderstood use of the sexual energy.
When we define ourselves through comprehension for the functioning of the Being we will die in the ego quickly.
Comprehension must produce definition for the Being. There is no comprehension without deep contrast.

Stages of Comprehension Intellect, emotion and action are the three stages of comprehension. A comprehension that keeps us passive is not complete. We need comprehension in our emotional and motor minds.
Separation is produced in the emotional centre. What makes separation impossible is the emotional type of understanding. We die in ac…

Muses on Self-Realisation – [48 – Martis-IX]

Loss of Consciousness When we lost the consciousness, we lost faith and knowledge. Indicating to us that faith and knowledge are two very important aspects of consciousness.
The order of remedying fear is trust, knowledge and consciousness. Meaning that we start with trust first, then progress to knowledge and then to awakening.
With the loss of consciousness arose fear.
Why is it This Way? Why does it take so long to get to the Being? Why does it take so long to accumulate dharma, but to get karma and fall, only takes some minutes?

Scepticism Scepticism only exists in those who knew God before. The principle here is that the mind can not be sceptical of what it does not know. There is simply no way that the mind can be sceptical of something that it has not even heard of.
People who are sceptical believed in something before and then due to some disappointment or failure, in pain turned against what they ardently believed in, and due to a subdued kind of resentment they are now sce…

Integration, Holy Four, Subconscious & Karmic Psychology – [47 – Saturni-VIII]

Integration The buddhists say that the cause of all human disgrace and misfortune is ignorance.
Human beings are ignorant of their true nature and the tree of life is their true nature. lntarama means first unfolding or development.
There is no unfolding or development without the four. The law of four. Which is made up of the three forces plus the unity - the Absolute. The Holy TETRAGRAMMATON.
There is always three. In any relationship there is three. The two parties plus a third, invisible factor, which is trust. If this invisible, third factor is missing that relationship will fail. The third invisible factor is the factor which ties, links or reconciles the two, keeping the two working or functioning together.
There are really two integrations. One which occurs in the abyss and one within the Being.
The integration within the abyss is where all the egos integrate into one large super ego. The other integration is the union of all the parts of the Being into one unity. The Intimate…

Holy Spirit as the Provider – [46 – Veneris-VIII]

Provider of the Sexual Force There is a mantra to work with the cosmic Mother-the Great Provider to help us to manifest what we need here in the physical world.

There is something similar with the Holy Spirit, in relation to the sexual energy. Where the Holy Spirit says: ''take all from me” in relation to the sexual energy, the sexual force and sexuality.
If there is a real, authentic self-sufficient Being, then that would be the Monad, the Being Itself. The sexual force is the creative power of the monad.
This means that we do not need anything outside of ourselves in relation to sexuality. All that we need we can obtain from our Third Logos.
End (46 - Veneris-VIII)

Essence and Awakening – [45 – Martis-VIII]

More Essence the Better Liberating the essence, awakening the essence are the two main tasks.
The more essence that we have free the more space our Being has in us.
The more we make our personality, mind and emotion passive the more opportunity we give to our consciousness and the more it is going to wakeup.
We can work with our interior Philip to awaken consciousness here in the physical and in the astral.
In the astral our thoughts take life. But here in the physical world that does not happen. What is problematic about the astral is that we get immersed in the scenarios that we project. The level of alertness needed to stay awake in the astral is supreme. That is why it is easier to awaken here in the physical world.
Consciousness What is consciousness?
An example is that now we don't suffer when before we did. It is different to what we normally think it is. What is relevant for a person in the second state of consciousness is irrelevant for the person in the third state of…