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A Didactic of Awakening – [19 – Lunae-LI]

Self-Observation When we divide our attention, we can consciously observe ourselves.
Self-observation is used to control, modify and generate states of consciousness within ourselves.
We can create a new emotion for example, or we can control or modify an existing emotion. This is epigenesis arising out of self-observation.
Solid Premise for Separation and Awakening Nothing that we have inside of ourselves is us.
Everything that we experience inside of ourselves is not us.

Attention & Consciousness Where you focus your attention, your consciousness is and your inner Being is also.
Nothing that we have inside of ourselves is us. We are not our thoughts, nor are we our emotions. If we are nothing that we have inside of ourselves, then where are we to find ourselves?
We are the free consciousness; we are to find ourselves in the free consciousness. Certainly, not in the conditioned consciousness.
The determining factor of our actions are within ourselves. We must learn to diseng…

Pride as Rejection of Pain – [18 – Iovis-L]

Pride and Pain Pride is intimately related to pain. Pride has roots in so many areas of our life.
Pain is produced by a lack of balance.
Pride is a protest against pain.
Duality There according to duality is the plus and the minus. What we have on the plus side we have on the minus side but in the opposite property.
The price of arrogance is humiliation.
We have the whole psychology of duality in pride. We protest when we are hurt, and this is pride. 
Because the dignity and majesty of Being has been lowered or compromised.

Properties of Pride as the Sense of Balance of the Being Restoring Dignity Anything that has to do with dignity and honour has to do with pride.
We try to restore that dignity by inflicting harm on others. Then if this can not be done directly it is done indirectly, and the ultimate act of compensation is suicide.
A Fighter Pride is a fighter. It fights where majesty and dignity have been lowered or compromised.
Pride is not flexible, because it is the misper…

Pride and the Rebellion Against the Being – [17 – Mercurii-L]

Pride Pride is the rebellion against pain.
Ego as a Bi-Polarisation of the Consciousness Every ego has two sides.
The ego is really a bi polarisation of the consciousness.
The positive side of the ego we find in the 'good' qualities a person has in life
Even the ego in a person on the path has two sides.
Two Sides of Pride Pride as an ego has a positive side. When this positive side goes beyond a limit, it becomes unacceptable. This is when that positive is driven into life. When however, this positive side is driven into the Being, it is absorbed by the Being and does not become unacceptable.
Voluntary suffering in the work is when consciously and voluntarily we take on the responsibility and difficult work required to wake up the sleeping consciousness, which is the essence trapped and sleeping in the ego.
When a Gnostic person does not see the ego as natural and sees it as wrong, that Gnostic person is intentionally suffering.
Pride Rebels Against Pain It is pride th…

Division of Attention and Self-Sufficiency – [16 – Martis-L]

Awakening There are several points to take into account with the work of awakening. One is the division of attention.
The way the division of attention works is one part acts and the other part is not identified.

Division of Attention The key is to bring the division into everything that we do. But do one thing at a time.
The correct picture is to have part of our attention on what we are doing, then another part of our attention watching the space between ourselves and what we are doing. There are three elements here: our attention, what we are doing and the ourselves watching ourselves. This is the Law of three in action.
Internal State< -> Event Elements for Awakening 1.) Separation from subconscious.
2.) Division of attention. Attention on the event and attention on the internal state.
When our attention is on our internal state we are remembering the Being. Only a free or separated consciousness can successfully divide the attention.
Give Our Consciousness Opportunities In…

Parts of the Consciousness – [15 – Veneris-XLVIII]

Two Parts and their Balance The Being is a progressive development of the states of consciousness.
We can keep a part of our consciousness inside of ourselves which has knowing and being, and the other part is to deal with the aspects of external life. This latter part of consciousness has action inside of it.
We must balance our consciousness between inside and outside, knowing and being, action and cognition.
We always need the two parts. The stronger the impact from life the more consciousness we will need to deal with it.
The more we awaken our consciousness the more we will see that we need to divide it. If we are too inward with our consciousness we lose contact with life. If we are too outside we lose ourselves. We need balance always.
We need force in our consciousness to deal with life and the work.
To have a strong consciousness we need a lot of energy in our consciousness.
We need to save energy and save the cognition of the consciousness. We need to stop and repose at tim…

Trust and Fatih – [14 - Mercurii-XLIX]

Helping Others Connects you to the Path When someone helps someone in the work, one makes contact with the path, and the values of the path.
Trust, Faith and Karma It is fundamental for the length of the whole path to have faith in our inner Being.
Karma kills faith. To surpass the destructive power of karma over faith we must develop trust first then faith. Trust allows us to do the work and faith makes us to experience the work.
Faith is to integrate oneself totally, completely into something that we have faith in. In our case it would be to have faith in our Being, integrating totally with the trust allows faith to be developed. Trust is the bridge that allows faith to connect us to what we believe in or rather have faith in.
Key to Work with Trust in Practical Occasions of LIfe The key is to make our mind, emotion and personality passive, and put it into the hands of the Being! Allow the Being to work and solve it. When there is faith, there will be facts. It one day we want to …

Isolate the Essence from the Subconscious – [13 – Martis-XLIX]

Desire and Mental Projections An important part of the psychological aspect of the work is to maintain our essence isolated from our subconscious.
It is difficult to do when we have a belief, a hope, an expectation or a desire present within us.
This is because desire moves will into the astral. Then from within the astral projections appear and from the belief in those projections comes reality.
Behind all these mental projections in the astral, is a profound lack of something. An ego has a desire and then it projects this desire into the astral, only once it has become a projection already here and now in our mind. This projection is based on that lack.
These projections in the astral have a certain identifiable flavour, through which we can know it was a nothing more than a simple projection.
All of these projections of desire into the astral occur here within our mind first while in the physical body. If we have a lack of some kind we must be aware of the desire to fill that lack…

Consciousness is Energy and Cognition – [12 - Iovis-XLVIII]

Energy and Cognition in Consciousness To be awakened is to see what we don't see in a given moment.
Consciousness is energy and cognition. Energy is used by the cognition aspect of our consciousness ‘to cause’ and ‘to act’.
Energy is the way to express cognition.
Energy without cognition is like will without intelligence. We need will and cognition to act appropriately.
To express something fully we always require a combination of elements or factors, which in the consciousness are: energy, cognition and consciousness.
We always need on top of this, logic and reason which is what the mind supplies us with.
We basically need all five aspects: will, mind, emotion, action and word. Human beings are all effect orientated, meaning we only see the effect and not the causes.

Mind and Will This is because it is much more difficult to see the cause. It requires much more energy and cognition to find the causes of things. There are many reasons for this, one is that there is a total lac…

Our Physical Life is Intrinsically Linked to Our Esoteric Life – [11 - Martis-XLVIII]

Physical and Esoteric are Linked Your physical life is intrinsically linked to your esoteric and psychological life.
It takes some time to understand that the origin of our life is the esoteric reality.
The origin or source of our life rests in a reality that no one has access to, unless one searches for it. This source is the Being.
We can accelerate our understanding of things using objective studies and objective perceptions.
Our spiritual, esoteric life will protect you. Trust your own future, not 'the future' but ‘your future’. If we concentrate on our esoteric life and put our spirit into our will, thought, emotion, word and action, and if we realize our spirit there in our will, thought, emotion, word and action, will be respected, internally and externally.
Concern yourself with your inner spiritual life. This arises or causes trust to be felt in us!
Typhon The Typhon only concerns Himself with the path. He does not operate or function upon issues that are not con…

Notes on the Philosopher’s Stone – [10 - Mercurii-XLIX]

The Stone is the Wisdom of the Being The philosopher's stone is the wisdom of the Being. It is the amalgamation of wisdom and powers of the Being synthesised in the Intimate Christ.
The stone Master Samael says has seven faces. With the first six faces being the faces of a conventional cube, and the seventh face being the centre of the cube.
The degree of objective consciousness one has obtained is only known after the completion of the Great Work.
The wisdom in the stone is created by working with the stone, which is to work with the primordial energy.
To acquire the Philosopher's Stone requires the work of constant mystical death - liberating the trapped essence, and fixing gold onto the internal bodies, which is what brings wisdom. Only after the sacred fire has worked over the stone can gold cover the internal bodies.

Seventh Face and Objective Consciousness The seventh face represents triumph, the seven bodies, seven serpents, the seven faces which are the seven expressi…