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Epigenesis – [28 – Mercurii-III]

Three Classes of Acts

There are three classes of acts. One is due to recurrence, another due to accidents and the third due to conscious will – epigenesis.

Epigenesis is a series of causes and effects that have not been preconditioned.

There is the anecdote where Master Samael gives account of a certain abbot of a monastery being able to control the physical elements to produce the conditions of a beautiful spring day in the monastery courtyard right in the middle of a harsh North European winter.

Three Types of Circumstances

There are three types of circumstances. Those that we can not change, those that we can and those that we can generate.

The will inside pride is very strong and wishes to change circumstances. It has much to do with scale. Pride wishes to always tip the scale in the favour of our personal interests and conveniences.

For the circumstances that we can't change we must co-operate with them.

Epigenesis and Awakening

We can not modify time or the event but we can modify what happens inside of ourselves.

Epigenesis is part of awakening.

There are karmic circumstances that we can't change and we must co-operate with them.
The Law takes facts into account!

The faculty of epigenesis allows one to modify and or generate circumstances within ourselves.

To solve a conflict one must put oneself into a superior state of consciousness than the others involved in the conflict.

Epigenesis is in the hands of the free and conscious will.

We can not awaken consciousness without epigenesis. Because the sleeping consciousness generates circumstances based on its conditioning. To be awake we must be free and able to generate circumstances within ourselves that are free of that sleeping conditioning.

Here are the steps to epigenesist:

1.) Be totally conscious of the process of cause and effect within you.
2.) Reconcile duality within ourselves.
3.) Reconcile karma within ourselves.

Human Beings Seek Effects over Causes

All human beings look for effects over causes. We all look for a result.

We work, we buy, we marry, we talk, we drive, we walk, all for an effect or a result. We never try to find the cause.

When we become aware of causes we begin to take epigenesis into account.

Living Scales of the Living Balance

Working with epigones is to work to begin to incarnate the law. When we incarnate the law we begin to have power over karma inside of ourselves.

We then later become living scales of the living balance.

With the Law incarnated inside of ourselves we can balance ourselves.

Epigenesis is at the core of the Law, that is why the whole universe is kinder than it seems from here anyway.

Whoever wants to incarnate the seminal pearl will have to work and obey the Law at the same time.

To obey the Law we must be awake and we must also pass through the Divine mother because it is She that applies the law and it is here that we have indebted with.

Tiphereth is the balance point and Tipereth helps us to obey the Law and pay our karma.

End (28 - Mercurii-III)


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