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Pride and the Rebellion Against the Being – [17 – Mercurii-L]


Pride is the rebellion against pain.

Ego as a Bi-Polarisation of the Consciousness

Every ego has two sides.

The ego is really a bi polarisation of the consciousness.

The positive side of the ego we find in the 'good' qualities a person has in life

Even the ego in a person on the path has two sides.

Two Sides of Pride

Pride as an ego has a positive side. When this positive side goes beyond a limit, it becomes unacceptable. This is when that positive is driven into life. When however, this positive side is driven into the Being, it is absorbed by the Being and does not become unacceptable.

Voluntary suffering in the work is when consciously and voluntarily we take on the responsibility and difficult work required to wake up the sleeping consciousness, which is the essence trapped and sleeping in the ego.

When a Gnostic person does not see the ego as natural and sees it as wrong, that Gnostic person is intentionally suffering.

Pride Rebels Against Pain

It is pride that rebels against pain. Every occasion a human being rebels against pain, that human being begins to suffer.

Pride is the ego in us that fights against injustice. Pride finds justice intolerable.

The deep meaning of the rebellion in pride, is the same reason that caused the monads within the Absolute to rebel and be cast out of the Absolute, into creation.

Mystical Pride

Mystical pride is the fraction of the consciousness within us that despises the Being. This is directly what impelled or was behind the rebellion of the Angels.

The angels who rebelled, rebelled against the forces and authorities that brought them into creation.
Mystical pride is the secret reason why people deep down reject religion. Because by force, religion brings them to obey these same higher forces and authorities that they resent because these forces and authorities caused them to enter into creation.

Pride, Dignity and Separation in Creation

Pride is related to the loss of dignity. Pride within us feels a certain humiliation born down upon us by superior forces. The fall is a rebellion against the Being. This pride that human beings have is due to the division that exists within the human being. Where the Being is up there and we the essence are down here.

The demons in the abyss are the essences that rebelled against the Being and continue to rebel against the Being. The question is that we were all once in the absolute. There was no division and so the fall or the rebellion was decided as one together.

However, within creation a great bi-polarisation occurred where a separation and distance began to grow and grow to such an extent that the essence no longer remembers the Being. So awakening is needed to remember the Being once again.

Intimate Christ and the Three Factors to Pay Karma

The Intimate Christ is the middle-man, that brings the lower parts of the Being to the higher parts of the Being. The Intimate Christ is the redeemer and He redeems us this way.

This is why awakening and transmutation is what pays all of our karma. Unity is the other factor, making a total of three factors that pay all of our karma.

When we remember, or wake up to the Being we can then work to unite to the Being. With the transmutation, we create the bodies so that the Being can come to us. The bodies are a bridge, that bridge the gap between the essence and the Being.

Pride’s Worst Enemy is Justice

Pride does not want to be jailed, punished, caught, prosecuted, reprimanded etc. Sophia rebels (Sophia is the essence) against the consequences of her own actions carried out by her pride.

Dante placed pride as the first defect to be overcome on the island of Purgatory. Lust was the last defect to be overcome. This is because we need to enter into balance first and it was the Law of Balance that was broken first.

Pride and the Fall into Creation

Pain was the factor that broke the Law from within the Absolute.

When there is only one Monad that breaks the balance, that Monad simply leaves the Absolute. But when there are millions that do this, we have creation.

The reason why it is so difficult to dissolve pride is because it has the sense of dignity. The essence does not feel responsible but, in truth we as the essence are really responsible.

The main issue of pride is always, division and separation. As soon as there is division or separation there is a lack of balance. When there is unity there is always balance.

Pride and Majesty

Pride has to do with inner values such as majesty.

The wrong-use of majesty upsets the balance The lesson is to use majesty without upsetting the balance in the Absolute

Pride when it is the P. P. P of a person draws upon lust and uses lust for its purposes. Pain in us is due to being separated from the Being.

The reason why justice is the worst enemy of pride is because justice connects the injustices that pride creates.

Trust as the Antidote to Pride

Trust is the first element we need to dissolve pride.

Trust and hope lead us to faith, and faith is integration. When that faith is placed on our Being it integrates us with the Being.

We have a separate majesty and balance in life, but we need to have this majesty and balance in our Being. If our sense of majesty and balance enters into life outside of ourselves it becomes pride.
Trust, hope and faith are the elements to dissolve pride.

Majesty within Pride

When majesty aligns with life it creates pain; when it aligns with the Being it is ok. Pride rebels against pain and humiliation.

Pride is about escaping pain! But with pride we are the ones that inflict pain upon ourselves.

Pride is all about trying to restore balance. No happy person ever committed suicide. All suicides are such because of pain. Because of dignity, pride never surrenders, that is why all those great people took their life before being captured or taken. They preferred to die!

Pride always makes the candidate to leave in a kind of rebellion. It is always the way. It is very persistent and stubborn. It is also courageous.

Pride does not stop at any kind of kind of sacrifice. It can lead a nation but lust or anger can not. This observation shows us that it has within it balance, majesty, dignity because these are the elements that rule, that govern. Lust and anger are too stupid to rule a nation.

Closing Remarks

By duality the higher in the Being we go, the lower in the abyss we are connected to also. Meaning, When we are close to dissolving pride we are privy to the very origin of it, which is found deep within the abyss.

End (17 - Mercurii-L)


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