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Trust and Fatih – [14 - Mercurii-XLIX]

Helping Others Connects you to the Path

When someone helps someone in the work, one makes contact with the path, and the values of the path.

Trust, Faith and Karma

It is fundamental for the length of the whole path to have faith in our inner Being.

Karma kills faith. To surpass the destructive power of karma over faith we must develop trust first then faith. Trust allows us to do the work and faith makes us to experience the work.

Faith is to integrate oneself totally, completely into something that we have faith in. In our case it would be to have faith in our Being, integrating totally with the trust allows faith to be developed. Trust is the bridge that allows faith to connect us to what we believe in or rather have faith in.

Key to Work with Trust in Practical Occasions of LIfe

The key is to make our mind, emotion and personality passive, and put it into the hands of the Being! Allow the Being to work and solve it. When there is faith, there will be facts. It one day we want to change the circumstances of our life, we first before asking for help we must believe we can change. The hidden key to trust and faith is sacrifice. We simply have to sacrifice an inferior value.

Trust has three steps:

1.) Connection with prayer to Being
2.) Sacrifice an inferior value.
3.) Action.


Sacrifice could be to sacrifice certain interests and desires. When we pacify our mind, our emotion and personality we are sacrificing something.

To earn things on the path we must become active, we have to sacrifice things, the path works with reciprocity. We do not progress by only praying and asking over and over again to receive.

In any sacrifice there is effort and renunciation.

Trust and Faith Revisisted

Trust is the possibility of being able to do something. Faith is to do it. The one who wants to develop faith one must become active.

When we want something we easily sacrifice our inferior values.

When we believe in our Being and that our Divine mother and our Being can come to us, we open ourselves up and we provide the necessary element to our Being for It to come to us and help us. We actually help our Being to come to us.

The key of Jinas is faith. The faith in the Jinas masters.

Faith as a Power Can Overcome Karma

This powerful faith allows us to overcome our karma!

To have faith we need a little first, then the faith of the Being comes to us. We must give something to have the faith of our inner Being.

To overcome fear we must implant into our mind that nothing will happen. But if there is karma we must have such a high level of integration into our Being that this value surpasses our karma.

If there is faith, there is no karma that can knock us down. It can affect us yes, but not flatten us.

How the Law Helps us to Pay Our Karma

The law pays us for the future to continue paying our karma. If we are working and paying our karma the law takes a tithe of this dharma that we accumulate.

All of our circumstances and situations change with this key of using faith and trust.

What we do when we use faith and trust is to create a causal element that goes ahead of us changing our circumstances far ahead of us. A new way opens for us ahead.

Such actions within ourselves of acting with trust and faith modifies cause and effect, relativity and duality, time and space.

Our Intimate Christ changes our karma based on the faith and trust we have given to our work.
Trust is about possibilities, the trust that the possibilities are possible.

We will never dissolve an ego if we don't believe we can dissolve it. Without that trust and belief we simply keep it alive.

We must also believe we can pay and overcome our karma.

End (14 - Mercurii-XLIX)


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