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Miscellaneous Notes – [55 – Sol-IX]

Credit from the Law

We are given credit to move from one stage to the next stage.

If we are going to go to the superior reason, then we can ask the Divine Law to apply the principle that a superior law washes away an inferior law. We have to be seen that we are going to fulfil the superior law.

Importance of Our Work to Others

We are a link in the work of a group and in a marriage. If our work falters perhaps the unit that we are a part of can collapse. Our work should not be circumstantial, pendular and emotional.

To work with the masters of mercury our mind must be precise, clear and concise.

The masters can open our superior intellectual and emotional centres. Our work also opens them. Also it is our Being that can open our interior mind.

Attention, Emotion, Mind and Will

Attention, emotion, mind and will. We use the mind to organize and the will glues all of these aspects together. Energy and consciousness are life!

Every desire, which is will, creates. The awakened consciousness takes us out of time, place, relativity and duality. If we pay, offering the law something of a higher quality, we can move things in our favour and most likely we will be helped. To say that we need help and not complain we can be helped.

How can it be that I love my Monad and not care at all about the Monad of another, and not stop them from making mistakes!

When a person who is almost complete, that person wishes that all those who are close to that Monad are also complete.

50% of our total refinement comes from refining our sexual energy. The other part has to do with working on the subconscious.

Ethnic Values

We have ethnic values in the path. These are the values that are spiritual in nature and are related to a certain culture of the past.

We create these values when we do the work and walk the path in a certain time and place.

These values remain in the atmosphere of that place. It could happen that we may feel compelled to travel to those places so to recuperate those values.

A good piece of advice is to know when it was that we fell on the path in that place. We can safely visit that place again when we are at a higher stage of the path to when we fell in the past at that place.

Karmic Memory

Our karma, our karmic memory harms our word, it actually kills the word. Because of all the karma we have been through, we think and speak negatively.

We have tests that are scientifically designed according to where we are on the path and there is us taking things as a test when they are not a test really. Timing is very important as to where we are on the path.

The tests are about an education and an evaluation that use, people, circumstances and environment.
In relation to these tests on the path, they are related to the ego we are working on, or the ego we want or need to work on.

Three Chambers

The three chambers connect us to esotericism.

First chamber is knowledge, second chamber is about magic, (something or rather which I can’t write) and knowledge. Whereas third chamber is about connecting us to the consciousness.

Third chamber has two objectives which are awakening and the use of the powers and faculties of the Being. At least their cultivation. There are two types of masters. Those with egos and those without.

Castle of Klingsor and the Inner Atlas

The castle of Klingsor is where human beings mixed black magic and sexuality. It is a deep part of our psychology and every human being has it.

Hercules in the Labours of Hercules does something with the god Atlas, which perhaps meant a certain rearranging of the time needed for to complete the work of realization. The Intimate Christ shortens the periods of time between the serpents of fire in the major initiations and quickens the development of the serpent.

With merits we can buy more time for ourselves. By working here on the planet Earth our karma is tied to the destiny of the planet.

End (55 - Sol-IX)


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