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Integration, Holy Four, Subconscious & Karmic Psychology – [47 – Saturni-VIII]


The buddhists say that the cause of all human disgrace and misfortune is ignorance.

Human beings are ignorant of their true nature and the tree of life is their true nature.
lntarama means first unfolding or development.

There is no unfolding or development without the four. The law of four. Which is made up of the three forces plus the unity - the Absolute. The Holy TETRAGRAMMATON.

There is always three. In any relationship there is three. The two parties plus a third, invisible factor, which is trust. If this invisible, third factor is missing that relationship will fail. The third invisible factor is the factor which ties, links or reconciles the two, keeping the two working or functioning together.

There are really two integrations. One which occurs in the abyss and one within the Being.

The integration within the abyss is where all the egos integrate into one large super ego. The other integration is the union of all the parts of the Being into one unity. The Intimate Christ makes this integration within the Being possible.

We have several stages in this process of integration in the Being.

They are: the work, the path, the Being and then becoming the Being. The first step is to manifest the essence or the consciousness here in Malcuth.

Trilateral Consciousness

The consciousness is trilateral. Say for example a friend for over 20 years insults us. We will feel hurt. However, he being a good friend has many good qualities in relation to us one side. Due to duality he also has some negative qualities in relation to us on his other side, and him insulting us belongs to that negative side.

The third side is the consciousness, that sees that our friend has a good and a bad side, and that our friend has been good to us for over 20 years and things will return to that good side shortly.

The third side is that understanding, it is this balanced perspective of our friend. The consciousness is always the third side of everything, making the consciousness trilateral.

Three Triangles Plus Unity

Creation unfolds into 3 triangles and those three triangle form a unity which becomes four. All creation ends up being four.

If we count the three triangle, plus the Absolute and the unity of the three triangles plus the Absolute we have five, which is the number of the complete human being.

Three plus four is 7, which is the organizing principle. In the Absolute there is also four. The three circles plus the eternal common cosmic father.

The consciousness descends from Geburah in us but it can get stuck in Hod or Netzach, and so when it makes its way down to Malkuth it is already conditioned.

Alas, Kether can not descend to Malcuth and Makuth can not ascend to Kether. This is because of their very different natures.

The way we can express Kether is by expressing Kether’s values using our three brain's. Kether’s values are in our essence and they can manifest here in the physical world through our three brains.
This talk is to make us think differently about ourselves and to understand the Integration with the Being within us.

The golden embryo is the sum of all our psychological processes. And it must be tested and cleaned to the maximum for the complete integration into our Being. Work and awakening is what we need. The first implies the second: To awaken we need the work.


The subconscious is a conjunction of: lack, need, impulse, psychological background, inattention and dreams.

To be awakened is to be separate from the impulses, desires, needs and lacks of our subconscious.

That is the essential and prime key of awakening: isolation from the subconscious.


What are our main intellectual, emotional and motor occupations and preoccupations? How is our relationship with our Being and the work in our practical life?

All of these things that we do in our life are done for reason, is that reason our Being or the work? We are in life to do the work and yet we have a normal life.

The more rewarding thing to do in our life is to work on ourselves.

The platform for the awakening is the third state of consciousness. The third state of consciousness is a filter through which all the impressions, and influences of life that are not useful, are filtered out.

By mapping out a day of our life we can see where our strengths and weaknesses are and we can improve those weak areas.

If we are very concerned with injustice, it is because we have much injustice or unpaid karma within us. Because we are unbalanced inside of ourselves we are always trying to correct imbalances outside of ourselves. As soon as we are balanced inside we will stop being concerned with injustice outside of ourselves.

Karmic Psychology

How can we improve our esoteric work?

Our consciousness has several manifestations. Consciousness is in our will and it is being and knowing.

Do we pay attention to what we feel? It is more useful to pay attention to what we feel. Because through the feeling we can know more about our psychology.

We all have a karmic way of thinking, which thinks things will always go wrong. That we don't deserve better, that we can not overcome the difficulties in life.

It is all about projecting the negative effects onto the future. We never project the causes into the future.

If we were to project the effects of our causes into our future we will overcome the karmic thinking and psychology.

All the insurance programmes that exist are due to this Karmic psychology. We think it is to be realistic but it is still a derivation of the karmic psychology where we project negative effects onto the future.

We need to replace the karmic thinking with positive thinking with a foundation in the work, hope, trust and faith.

Karmic thinking is based on memory, worry, past experience, effects, self-compassion, fear, self-love, and all the negative and difficult things that happened in the past.

The love that we have for others with the karmic thinking is measured in how much money our family will be left with after we are gone.

Transfer the disgrace and suffering into the work and positive values ahead of ourselves.
The Karmic way of thinking is based on ignorance.

When we have been in Gnosis and we believe in a negative future we are not connecting our psychology to reality. Our work counts for something and our work has value.

Karmic psychology is to see one fault or error and then to expect all things to go wrong. Just like the way the real estate business works. You have paid your rent on time for years and when you are accidentally late one day you almost get evicted.

Changing our way of thinking to the affirmative psychology based on the work, hope, trust and the Being will do marvels for our psychology and our well- being. It will change ourselves from inside.
The affirmative psychology releases our will and creates new circumstances within us and outside of ourselves.

The karmic way of thinking comes from all of our misfortunes and sufferings of the past.

The karmic thinking stagnates our will in the ''I can' t'' whereas the affirmative psychology allows us to pour our will into the "I can". We can change everything with our will.

We have to work and connect our psychology to the fact that we are working and that we are paying our karma with practice!

End (47 - Saturni-VIII)


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