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Essence and Awakening – [45 – Martis-VIII]

More Essence the Better

Liberating the essence, awakening the essence are the two main tasks.

The more essence that we have free the more space our Being has in us.

The more we make our personality, mind and emotion passive the more opportunity we give to our consciousness and the more it is going to wakeup.

We can work with our interior Philip to awaken consciousness here in the physical and in the astral.

In the astral our thoughts take life. But here in the physical world that does not happen. What is problematic about the astral is that we get immersed in the scenarios that we project. The level of alertness needed to stay awake in the astral is supreme. That is why it is easier to awaken here in the physical world.


What is consciousness?

An example is that now we don't suffer when before we did. It is different to what we normally think it is. What is relevant for a person in the second state of consciousness is irrelevant for the person in the third state of consciousness and vice versa.

Wake Up Freed Essence

Free essence by working on the dissolution of the ego and asking the Divine mother to wake up that newly bit of freed essence.

We have to always know. “Don't know” is not an acceptable answer. We must find out why.

We must produce moments of awakening daily. Our overall awakening is made up of many thousands of mini awakenings. The consciousness takes 30 to 40 years to wake up and perhaps a very long time to be lost to sleepiness.

Where we convert the unknown into the known; that is a mini-awakening. When nothing is hidden from us we have created awakening within us.

Self-knowledge is freedom, and it is the knowledge that comes from ourselves and is given to ourselves by ourselves. We have to get knowledge about ourselves daily. Only ourselves can believe in ourselves.

Awakening and Karma

To be awakened is to separate from mind and emotion.

It is our duty to use our degree of awakened consciousness.

The Law kidnaps our will and it also conditions it.

We can't awaken consciousness because the law does not permit it. When we lose the Being we have to have a ruler within us and the karma takes up that place.

When we fall we lose our Being. To fall is an unjust act and so justice must come to us to correct that unjust act.

Save all your light for the work and use the minimum for life. We to do this, must spend the minimal intellectual and emotional energy. We have to relax the body and the mind so to give our inner Philip the chance to help us with the awakening of consciousness. Only after trying repeatedly to feel the Being we come to feel a little bit the Being and then more and more. The Being inspires that in you.

Your Being is With You

Wherever we go we take our Being with us in our essence. There are some activities that we do that can cause our Being to leave us. Such as adultery or something similar. We need urgently to come closer to our Being. With trust we are going to trust our work and our essence.

In the last years of Job, there is no ego left so the Typhon must work to clean totally the golden embryo. All that is in the golden embryo will go to the Father. That's why it is so important to extract the wisdom and the consciousness out of all of our experiences, pain and sufferings. Our Being cannot get anything with out us. The Being needs as us we need it!

Working with trust now will help us to trust our path later.

By virtue of our work and our Being we can be saved. If our centre of gravity is in the work we can be saved.

The most important thing to do is to integrate ourselves with the work. To seek out the contradictory elements and overcome them.

We have a piece of our Being within us, wherever we go.

We can not create new physical circumstances outside of ourselves if we don't create first new internal circumstances.

To see the Being in everything in life creates Trust!

Your persistence which is will power, changes circumstances. It shows the Gods that we really want what it is that we want. The eighth year of Job is the most sacred year of all.

We all have an inner temple that we must construct. It is in ruins but as we progress in the path it takes shape. Room by room, floor by floor.

In this year one is renouncing the way we have been for thousands of years.

In the eighth year, it is the golden embryo the Intimate Christ and the typhoon that work to fulfil the eighth year of Job.


Everything inside me is not me! The first thing to do is to take our essence or consciousness out of the abyss.

How do cause and effect, relativity and duality affect us?

Step 1. Remain silent.

Step 2. Separate from thoughts and then feelings.

Step 3.  Do the opposite of the ego.

The karma uses the conditioned will against us. Even if we are 10% free essence we have 90% of conditioned will is against us. Can we stand it? The awakening is the only way to take our essence out of the abyss.

End (45 - Martis-VIII)


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